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Continuous pain spread bitterly,
on that slight peaceful falling leaves pile up.
Some scent of autumn
we can't forget will change to sweet pain.
If I can spend days with you,
every occurrence is fresh and ticklish.
It maybe prove that
this desire is irreplaceable for us.

♌ Character
Naoshi Haruki
Canon point: His ~in Autumn~ game route, after the Culture Festival but before developing feelings for Tsukiko

For Orenda, Naoshi is coming in with game memories from his time in The Devils See, plus some offscreen handwaves/selective amnesia/other allowances so he's not utterly unplayable without the CR he used to rely on there.

♌ Player
DOB: 6/1/84
Journal: [ profile] thexenoqueen 
Plurk: TheXenoqueen
Timezone: EST (GMT - 4/5)

♌ Permissions
Backtagging: Please do!
Threadhopping: Go for it!
Fourthwalling: If you like. He can't stop you, I won't try.
Offensive Subjects: If it's IC, the muse will react appropriately, but the mundane won't be offended provided you're handling it respectfully OOC.

Hugging: Yes. Whether he knows you well or not, I'll have fun with his reaction.
Kissing:  Yes to attempts, but I reserve the right to have him dodge.
Flirting Yes, go wild. He'll be horribly awkward and/or try to brush it off.
Fighting: Yes, though it's likely he'll lose. He's a small guy with no fighting experience.
Injuring: Yes, but nothing that would take him horribly out of play. Let's discuss it first.
Killing/Death: No. It's not a direction I want to explore with him at the moment.
Telepathy/Mind-Reading: Yes. As an ordinary human, he has no defense against it.
Sex: Should it ever come about that Naoshi comes to love and trust someone enough for this, I can both play it out or fade to black.
Violence/Gore/Squicks: As long as he can be healed of it later by doctor or magic, go for it. I don't want any more permanent injury than scars done to him, but I have no problem with detailed gore/violence in tags.

♌ C&C / How's My Driving?
Comments are screened, anon is on!

Starry☆Sky is a Japanese game but I'm a born and raised English speaker. My understanding of the game comes from translation sources, which are imperfect at best. If I have managed to get something horribly wrong with Naoshi's character, please let me know! I'll be grateful for the insight. :)


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Naoshi Haruki ♌ 陽日 直獅